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All of us have that moment, that something or someone motivates us, may it be to gain more health, wealth or plain happiness. But then life happens and your goal seems far off in the future.  Just thinking about that initial thing that motivated you in the first place, seems like hard work and not so reachable anymore. How can you stay on track and still be motivated to reach that dream in 2019?  Easy! Connect, Connect, And Connect!!!!

How to physically connect with similar people/organizations that share the same goal as yours?

When you start socializing with like minded people it can be very rewarding and enrich your life immensely. Have mentors and people in your life more skilled and knowledgeable so that you can always expand and diversify your skills.

Today we are living in a very fortunate time of technology. We can reach out to anyone on this planet via a multitude of instantaneous systems, email. Twitter, IM, phone. And thanks to search engines and networks like LinkedIn, finding liked minded people has never been easier, yet many of us are not taking advantage of this opportunity and still think we have an excuse to feel alone. And ultimately this is what makes you unmotivated the quickest.  When there is no one to lift you up, make you feel better, pat you on the back or even being in your corner when the going gets though.  Liked minded people meet via different platforms and exchange knowledge. Not only do you share in knowledge, but you gain knowledge which again should be passed on to others.  It actually motivates you to get off your ass and do something empowering. In my short time being a virtual assistant, I have learned how to create google banner ads, I can answer the question what is project management tools, and learned about writing blogs.  All of this, just because liked minded people gathered, conversed and challenged me to do things I have never done before.  And this makes me utterly proud of myself, in itself a very powerful emotion. I feel empowered to do more, and challenge myself more to be even better.

What happens emotionally when you connect with similar people/organizations that share the same goals as you?

When you sell a product or service and the client connects with you emotionally, not only did you bring in money, but you created a lifelong ambassador. Ambassadors can be seen as influencers, super happy clients, coming back for more. Your client feels valued and well looked after and they will tell others about their great experience.  Yes, I have messed up on occasions and got some connections wrong, or just did not connect at all, but the ones that I made an emotional connection with, are still there, even if I messed up.  When I connect to people in my industry, we always tell each other how valuable they are, that they are doing great and can ask if they needed help. All emotional connections empowers you to believe in yourself and what you are doing is important and matters.  And this is what makes you feel valuable and deserving to be here. When you feel valued, you actually start believing it!

Share what you learn

When you feel you have nothing to bring to the table, you are wrong.  Many young entrepreneurs like myself feel that I have nothing valuable to say or share.  I wonder sometimes if anyone else also feels like me when we get together.  And when I voice it at last (and I wonder if someone is rolling their eyes in annoyance) do I realize that my other connection`s remarks or comments always make me feel better and more sure of myself. And in the process I learn so much more. There is power in groups.  As they say, birds of the same feather flock together.  And during these sharing times, I always realize that knowledge should never be treated like a niche product to be kept a secret and well looked after.  It should be out there for anyone and everyone to experience.  The more we are open to sharing, the more we are open to learning.  And the more we learn, the more power we have.

When 2019 gets you down, remember to get up and connect with other liked minded people.  Positive connections always make you feel strong and powerful.  You can learn so much, and in the process you can learn to share. This does not seem difficult. Find that positive liked minded group that makes you feel better, connect, and stay connected!  Then 2019`s thought times can be softer on the heart.

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