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Looking for a Virtual Assistant with experience in: 


social media management

LMS MANAGEMENT & video editing

With 17 years experience in logistics and managing various accounts, I have learned that accuracy and efficiency is key. Location independence is at the forefront and works with good communication.  I pried myself in creating a Tradition of Excellence.  What can I help you with today?

Solution based virtual assistance with my motto being,  “treat your customer like you would your own family, with care and respect.”


Business Owner
Working with Susan is a pleasure. She's friendly, reliable, thorough and diligent. If something is unclear, she asks. I can trust that what I ask for will get done on time and done well, and I'm grateful for her services!
I have known Susan for a while now. She is thorough with her work and diligent. I consider her to be excellent in her work and a good friend If it wasn't for Susan, I will not be where I am today. Susan you are a Superstar!
One of the most hard working and reliable team members I’ve ever worked with. You can always trust Susan to carry your interests at heart. A valuable asset for any business, you can not go wrong.