“I have fine sense and talent for helping people cut through all the noise and just do the things that matter. And for businesses who do not have the time or interest to do it for themselves, We do it for them.”

More About Founder, Susan Smit:

“I am a remote consultant that specialises in logistic and production management, LMS management, project assistance and wine related exports, Sawis and customs account management.

VA Solves was established in 2016 out of passion to be more creative and solution-based, and I have ever since prided myself in being on the road to building a tradition of service providing excellence.


As a Logistic Management major, I have always loved and still love things that are neat and orderly. Being a true Sagittarius, I combined my love for a tightly run office with my love for technology and logistics.


Born and raised on a farm, I now reside with my husband and three kids in the lovely Winelands of South Africa. In my time off I love to travel to warm places with palm trees, forests, waterfalls and hopefully get to read a good book in between work, kids and everyday life. 


When you get to know me you will understand why I work in the remote world. I’m a mum, I’m a business owner, I’m a friend and confidant, all of these characteristics cemented by my love for people. That is why I treat my clients like I treat my family, with love and respect.”


We deliver the following services

Logistic Management

Let me take the logistical nightmare off your shoulders. As a Logistic Management Major, I can handle your logistical processes.

LMS Management

I love the creative part of LMS management, and I get to learn new skills every day while helping you. Win Win. Visit Remote Studio for more.

Executive Virtual Assistance

Any service your executive personal assistant delivers, I can do virtually, at the fraction of the price. This includes diary and travel management, research, cold calling; transcribing and more.

Video Editing

Do you need your video's edited for a LMS, or YouTube upload, I can assist. With more than a years experience, I learned video editing is more integrated into brand building than you will ever realise.


Do you have a product that needs to be managed from dry goods to finished good delivery?

Social Media Management

Are you tired of handling all the mundane social media tasks?

our happy clients to name but a few........