Somerset West, South Africa

Choosing my location!

I work and live on a farm in the winelands of South Africa for the past 12 year. The views of mountains, vineyards and beautiful sunny days is something to behold. But man, my salary will never get me to millionaire status and allow me to stay on a wine farm forever. As years gone by South African inflation has risen yearly by 4%, making surviving difficult. Last year I really struggled with the following questions: “Do I find a different job in the city, travel, sit in traffic and uproot my kids, just to earn a better salary?” My quality of life would be taking the back seat, which was a very sad thought to me. Until I realized my vision does not need to be unreachable. Believing in my capabilities, always learning new skills and applying my vision to build my business, ensured that I can do today what I love. I still pinch myself sometimes, to think I am a production coordinator to a client in the USA, a logistic manager to a client in South Africa and a data analyst to a client in the UK. Talk about working all over the world, from the comfort of your own choosing.

If you do not know what location independent work is, start googling. Not only is this great for an employee, but also an employer. I realized with a degree in Logistic Management, and the ability to multi-task, I can be valuable to other industries and still work and live life my way. I now have my own business working in a business. I do not have to sit at a desk (job), doing something that I am not passionate about. Yes, my biggest client is still the wine farm, but all my clients combined gives me the greatest satisfaction and joy. I can take my laptop, sit next to a window see the beautiful view and do my work my way following my client`s instructions. The satisfaction to still be motivated after a hard day’s work and get paid for what you love is my biggest blessing after my kids.

What does location independent mean and how does it benefit your business:
Working remotely with your current job or building an online business seems impossible……. Well, that`s not true. The following trendsetters for location independent work in 2018 are:
1. E-commerce: The practice of online selling.
2. Virtual assistance: A service sold to business owners for tasks and assignments which the owner cannot find the time to complete themselves.
3. Freelancing.
4. Option to market and find your own clients through your own site or on social media.
5. IT services.

As a business owner, you can employ anyone remotely with the necessary skills. As long as you know how to use a Location Independent person and communicate work effectively and clearly, this person will be as valuable as anyone sitting next to you in an office. No more sick leave, unemployment, human relation problems, just someone doing what you need when you need it. Most location independent personal work to build their own business, ensuring that you get 100% when they spend time on your project. And if the arrangement is not working, a contract can be ended. This arrangement also works both ways. If my client is not paying me for work rendered, not communicating work effectively or not falling in the line of my vision for myself and my business, I can distance and remove myself from the situation.

Working Location independently:
When starting out I joined every location independent group I could get my hands on. These days there are Facebook groups, twitter groups, Instagram groups and a wide variety of websites to choose from. One of the most effective ones thus far for me is Here I found solid job leads that fitted my vision and clientele, but the possibility to communicate with Pam and getting inside info from different experts from a wide variety of industries, helped me to form and establish my niche market. Now my work gives me financial freedom, and I can apply for leads that I know suits my abilities. At night when all is quiet and I know I have done my best today, I start to plan for tomorrow. I firmly believe that tomorrow starts with today. The following school fees I had to pay when starting out, but at least I learned from them:
• Plan your day
• Start early, when you are well rested
• Start with the most difficult tasks first
• Take a lunch break and drink enough water during the day
• Try to work where you can concentrate
• Upskill yourself to give your client a better service. Udemy is a wonderful application for cheap short courses.
• Make sure that you have great connectivity when talking to your client, nothing is as frustrating as when you try to get work done but you cannot communicate effectively.
• Get enough sleep in and take at least one holiday during the year.

When thinking of the future I am very excited. At last, my working career, my household, my location, and my self-worth is where I have always imagined it would be. To be part of a community where everyone is in the same boat, helping, motivating and rooting for each other changed my perspective of how a business should work. To the location independent people, I salute you, I hope the world realize how valuable we are!

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